Important note: I will not be following the official timeline or events to the letter. Roll with it.


It is a year since the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands was closed and the Second War truly ended. The Stormwind region is slowly recovering, the city in the latter stages of reconstruction. Yet all is not well.

The gnolls that have always plagued eastern Elwynn and Westfall are beginning to pop up out of hiding. Kobold forces in northern Elwynn seek to take advantage of the rebuilding kingdom before it reaches full strength. Redridge is still threatened by scattered Blackrock orcs. Southern Elwynn is another story altogether – darker, wilder, with the towns of Sunnyglade and Grand Hamlet becoming less and less welcoming and dark rumors of Deadwind Pass being whispered in dim taverns at night.

On top of this, the young king Varian Wrynn has caused tension with the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer dwarf clans by sending emissaries to beseech aid from the sinister Dark Irons to fight against the Blackrock orcs. In addition, complaints are beginning to arise from some vocal members of the Stonemasons guild, the workers getting tired of the constant delays in payment.

It is an interesting time to be in Stormwind.


The Dark Iron plot to undermine Stormwind has been revealed, and the Dark Irons have been exiled from the kingdom. Come on, who DIDN’T think they were up to something? As a result, for the moment no new characters can be Dark Iron dwarves.

Check the wiki for mechanics details.

Why Am I In Stormwind?

Check the NPCs – a character can easily be attached to one of them, especially in the case of Dark Iron dwarves.


-8 – The Dark Portal opens and the orcs send through their initial expeditionary scouting forces. There are stories of attacks by strange creatures on remote villages in the Black Morass, but they are not officially followed up upon.

0 – The orcs begin their assault on Azeroth.

4 – King Llane is assassinated and Stormwind falls to the orcish horde.

5 – The Alliance of Lordaeron is formed.

6 – The Second War begins.

8 – The orcs are beaten back through the Dark Portal.

9 – The orcs come back through the Dark Portal and are again beaten back. Khadgar, Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner lead the Alliance Expeditionary Force through the Dark Portal, and are never seen again. PS DANATH TROLLBANE AND KURDRAN WILDHAMMER WENT THROUGH ALSO.

10 – Present day.


That is the theme song of this campaign 100%.

Elwynn Forest
Music to murder kobolds with.


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