Dark Plans

The lights of Grand Hamlet could be seen twinkling in the distance from atop the great tower. A dark cloaked figure stood upon what was once a stair going up the side of a wall, and was now slowly crumbling away.

The figure turned and looked into the darkness behind him. Four dark green points of light glowed back at him.

“Did you get it?”

There was a thud as something heavy landed just outside of the doorway. The speaker knelt and picked it up, careful not to tear the pages with his gauntleted fingers as he briefly flicked through the tome.

“Excellent.” He then regarded his servants with his own burning red gaze. “The mayor matters little. He never did. But I am curious about these… Interlopers.” Turning to regard the lights of Grand Hamlet, he growled. “She is powerful. Too powerful. She must not be allowed to find what she seeks.”

He held out his hand and clenched his fist, engulfing the lights of the town. “Find the locations of her wardstones. We can do nothing until they have been toppled. Once this has been done, return to me. Now, go.”

His servants left, and the dark figure grit his teeth. “Soon, the town will be defenseless. Soon, our darkness shall spread across Stormwind again – and all will know my name and tremble!”

He laughed, the idea of bloodshed amusing him. “They will fear the name of Teron Gorefiend!”


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