The Beginning


As per your request, I have been doing some digging as to how this all got started. I will be brief, as I still have much work to do. I feel it best to keep you apprised as I go with this investigation. We know how the group got together, so I won’t cover that.

The group stopped for the night after they set out and were attacked by kobolds, only one of them escaping. The morning after, they continued on and came to the ruined estate of ‘Devel’. I’m still working on finding out more about him.

They encountered several kobolds, seeming to be taking commands from a Dark Iron dwarf. After defeating the kobolds and incapacitating the dwarf, they freed the remains of the first patrol that was attacked. The soldiers took the Dark Iron back to Stormwind – you’ve read that report so I won’t repeat that here.

In the meantime, they found the man Devel hiding out in a crypt that was hidden in the trees and well trapped. It appears he had been hiding there for the entirety of the orcish occupation of Stormwind.

Regrettably, he was slain when he went with them to aid them against some more kobolds in another ruined manor. After they slew the target kobold – some kind of shaman – they returned to the Devel estate to both bury the man and rest for the night.

More details are forthcoming, sir. It’s a pity about Devel’s death, as I believe he might have been able to shed some more light on the situation and maybe even explain how events led to what they have.



mcsars mcsars

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