Nathaniel Grimm

Grim Guard.


Character Name: Nathaniel Grimm
Age: 26
Race: Human
Size: M
Class: Mageknight (Wardmage)
Alignment: Neutral

Score Modifier
STR 20 +5
DEX 12 +1
CON 14 +2
INT 9 -1
WIS 14 +2
CHA 7 -2

Total Base Ability Other
Fortitude+6 +4 +2
Reflex +2 +1 +1
Will +7 +4 +2 +1

Base speed: 30 ft
BAB: 4
BCL: +2
10, 1d12+8

CMB: +9
CMD: 20

AC: 20

Touch: 11
Flat Footed: 19

Initiative: +1

Hit Points: 38
Spell Points: 8

LANGUAGES: Azerothian, Schwara, Dwarven
Stalwart (Ex): At 3rd level, a mageknight can use mental and physical resiliency to avoid certain attacks. If she makes a Fortitude or Will saving throw against an attack that has a reduced effect on a successful save, she instead avoids the effect entirely. A helpless mageknight does not gain the benefit of the stalwart ability.

Mystic Warding (Su): The wardmage may create a mystical connection between herself and up two allies called a mystic ward. It takes one minute to create or change this connection, during which the wardmage must touch the target. A mystic ward lasts 24 hours.
When an enemy she can see attacks a mystically warded ally with an attack that requires an attack roll, the wardmage may intercept that enemy as an immediate action. When the wardmage intercepts an enemy, they make an attack with a weapon or natural weapon, if able. This can be a ranged attack, but it will draw attacks of opportunity if it is. If the wardmage hits, the enemy receives a penalty to their attacks equal to her casting ability modifier until the end of the current turn. This is in addition to the normal damage and effects of the attack. The choice to intercept must be made before the attack is rolled. Spells and supernatural abilities can trigger an interception, but only if they require an attack roll. Intercepting a sphere ability does not disrupt the ability, it just causes it to miss.
Courage: Whenever she uses an immediate action to make an intercepting attack, the wardmage may move up to 20 ft. closer to the enemy before the attack as part of the same action. This movement does not draw attacks of opportunity.
Mystic Combat Abilities:
Strategic Planning (Requires War sphere): At the beginning of the day, choose a (mandate) talent or (totem) talent you qualify for. You gain that mandate or totem for the duration of the day. At any time during the day, you may change your choice by meditating for 10 minutes.

Favored Damage – (+2 caster level with negative energy, max of character level)
Carefully Hidden: +1 Will, extra +2 against divination
(Human): Combat Casting
(Drawback Bonus): Squadron Elite
(Level 1): Melee Blaster
(Level 3): Battlefield Tactics
(Bonus4): Heavy Armor Proficiency



Foe Reaper – +1 Lucerne Hammer
Dusk-Stained Cloak – Gain +2 bonus to AC for 1 round as a move action
spiked MW full plate
MW composite longbow ( + 2 str bonus), 19 arrows
Masterwork sword with a ruby hilt, family heirloom Flashlight
Masterwork artisan’s tools
3 sunrods
3 bags of caltrops
normal manacles
7 bear traps
3 wooden stakes
marked cards
loaded dice (superior)
cart and awesome mule (his name is Kingly)
Money: 2477 gold

Destruction : 1
-(Free from Energy Focus): Tenebrous Blast (negative energy, inflicts -2 to hit for 1d4 rounds)
-(Free from Destructive Touch): Greater Blast (+1d6)
-(Free from Shape Focus): Energy Blade (attach blast to melee attack)

War: 3 spent
-(Free from Personal Conflict): Totemic Presence (Totems only deploy on self as auras)
-(Free from Small Unit Strategist): Mobility (mandate) (Link two allies, granting movement)
-(Free from Solo Combatant): Revitalize
-Totem of Doom (55-foot Shaken aura)
-Steadfast Totem (totems last 1 min/caster level by spending 1 spell point)
-(Usually taken with Strategic Planning): Totem of Iron (Aura bonus to natural armor)

[General Drawbacks]
Magical Signs: Eerie glows and chilling whispers exude from his magicked weapon.
Verbal Casting: Must invoke his spells in Schwara.
Galvanized: Must be wielding a weapon.
[Sphere Drawbacks]
Destruction: Energy Focus (Negative Energy)
Destruction: Destructive Touch
Destruction: Shape Focus (Energy Blade)
War: Personal Conflict
War: Squadron Elite
War: Small Unit Strategist
War: Solo Combatant



A broad and muscular wiry man in his mid-twenties, though he could pass for older. His hair is black, straight, and somewhat stringy, falling just to his shoulder. Nathaniel has a strong chin and a hawkish beak of a nose, and the appearance is softened not at all by a frequent scowl. He stands a couple of inches over six feet, in heavy plate armor and a dark cloak that usually wears fresh dirt from the road. A vicious looking spiked polearm rests on his back, and he bristles with various other weapons. Well-used manacles hang from his belt, a bit of old, dried blood caked onto them.


The second child of an Alterac baron, Augustus Grimm, whose family hails back to the Grimm Lords of Blackmarsh. Always in poor favor with his father due to his preference for martial training and mountaineering to political advancement and maneuvering, Nathaniel slipped out of the country during martial law, several months before the country’s final punishment, along with his younger sister Olivia. They made their way south, where Nathaniel has put his skills to use as a bounty hunter and an unscrupulous blade for hire.


Nathaniel is a bitter man who has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about family and country. He’s reasonably quick-witted and perceptive, but brusque, and doesn’t make friends easily. While a noble, he rarely stands on courtesy and title for himself, though he insists Olivia be shown the proper respect. Unsurprisingly, his primary loyalty is to his sister, though he also appreciates the allies he has made on his journey thus far.

Nathaniel Grimm

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