Nathaniel Grimm

Mercenary and exiled noble.


Nathaniel Grimm of Alterac

Neutral Human fighter 6

AC: 24 (21 flat-footed, 14 touch)
CMD: 24
HP: 64

Str: 21
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 8

Fort: +8
Ref: +5
Will: +5

Traits: Reactionary, Coin Hoarder

Languages: Azerothian, Dwarven

1 Combat Reflexes
1 Power Attack
1 Weapon Focus: Lucerne Hammer
2 Dodge
3 Craft Wondrous Item
4 Weapon Specialization: Lucerne Hammer
5 Iron Will
6 Toughness

Survival +9
Craft(weapons): +9
Craft(armor): +10
Profession(gambler) +4
Handle Animal: +3
Intimidate: +4
Perception: +4

Masterwork artisan’s tools
3 sunrods

+ 1 lucerne hammer
+ 2 belt of mighty strength
+ 1 cloak of resistance
+ 1 cloak of protection
Masterwork sword with a ruby hilt, family heirloom Flashlight
Amulet of Natural Armor + 1
spiked MW full plate
MW composite longbow ( + 2 str bonus), 19 arrows

3 bags of caltrops
normal manacles
7 bear traps
3 wooden stakes

marked cards
loaded dice (superior)

2477 gold

cart and awesome mule

+1 Lucerne Hammer + 14, 1d12 + 11 + 1 fire (PA + 11, 1d12 + 17 + 1 fire)
Armor spikes + 9, 1d6 + 4




A muscular and wiry man in his mid-twenties, with thin, stringy dark hair that falls just to his shoulder. Nathaniel has a strong chin and a hawkish beak of a nose, and the appearance is softened not at all by a frequent scowl. He stands just over six feet, in heavy chainmail and a dark cloak that usually wears fresh dirt from the road. A vicious looking spiked polearm rests on his back, and he bristles with various other weapons. Well-used manacles hang from his belt, a bit of old, dried blood caked onto them.


The second child of an Alterac baron, Augustus Grimm. Always in poor favor with his father due to his preference for martial training and mountaineering to scheming and chattering, Nathaniel slipped out of the country during martial law, several months before the country’s final punishment, along with his younger sister Olivia. They’ve made their way south, where Nathaniel has put his skills to use as a gambler, a bounty hunter, and an unscrupulous blade for hire.


Nathaniel is a bitter man who has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about Alterac. He’s quick-witted, but brusque, and doesn’t make friends easily. His only real loyalty is to his sister.

Nathaniel Grimm

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