Nicholas Latten


Nicholas Latten

Level 6 LN Human Fighter

Base Stats-

STR: 22 [6.]
DEX: 13 [1.]
Con: 10 [0.]
Int: 13 [1.]
Wis: 12 [1.]
Cha: 9 [-1]

HP: 49
AC: 24 (22 FF, 13 touch)
ACP: -4
CMB: 12
CMD: 25
BAB: 6

Fort: 7
Ref: 4
Will: 6 (+1 vs fear)

Attack: 14/9
Damage: 1d10+12 x3


Ride (6)
Survival (6)
Swim (10)


Human: Power Attack -2 attack +6 damage
F1: Combat Expertise -2 attack +2 dodge
1: Weapon Focus Halberd
F2: Improved Trip
3: Iron Will
F4: Weapon Specialization Halbred
5: Dodge
F6: Greater Trip

Class Abilities-

Martial Weapon Proficiency
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Armor Training (1)
Weapon Training Polearm (1)


Farmer (+1 survival)


Halberd +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Full Plate +1
Ring of Protection +1
Rod of Health
Basic Equipment

other gold i forgot about


Nicholas was raised by his mother under the servitude of Lord Ravenwind as a farmer near Lakeshire. His father was killed under the command of warring nobles whose knighthood he was under long before Nicholas was born. His mother told him tales of his father’s service as a knight, and when Nicholas came of age, he took upon his father’s profession to be squired and trained under Sir Redding, a knight of Ravenwind’s. When the first orcs came through the Dark Portal, Nicholas rallied with the rest of the kingdom to fight them back, and after the carnage of both wars he was promoted to a fully-fledged knight; just before current events…

Nicholas Latten

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