Olivia Grimm

Exiled noble.


Olivia Grimm

Lawful Neutral 3rd level expert

AC: 11
HP: 23

Str: 7
Dex: 12
Con: 12
Int: 14
Wis: 14
Cha: 18

Extremely Fashionable

Skill Focus: Diplomacy
Voice of the Sibyl


Bluff: + 12 (13 if Charming applies)
Diplomacy: +17 (18 if Charming applies)
Intimidate: +13
Knowledge(nobility): +8
Knowledge(history): +8
Knowledge(local): +8
Profession(courtesan): +7
Perception: +8
Perform(dance): +9
Perform(oratory): +9
Sense Motive: +8


Fine jewelry and an assortment of clothing.




A young woman of twenty, Olivia is pale, refined, and always perfectly dressed. She is of average height, with slender limbs and lovely curves. Many find her sea green eyes particularly enchanting.


Youngest child of the disgraced and murdered Alterac baron, Augustus Grimm. Seeing the world falling apart around her family, Olivia convinced her brother Nathaniel to help her escape martial law in Alterac. Wanting nothing more than to comfortably rebuild her fortunes through a wealthy marriage, Olivia spends her days in a small but impeccably decorated apartment inside the walls of Stormwind City, and her nights on the arms of gentlemen.


Olivia inherited her father’s silver tongue. She is witty and well-spoken, and can use those traits to either charm, or brilliantly dissect those around her. She bears little love for her father, who favored her elder sister for most of her life, or for Alterac, which she feels deserved its fate for having allowed unfit rulers for too long. Olivia cares for herself and her comfort first, with her brother a distant second.

Olivia Grimm

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