Unwanted Attention

Kneeling before the image of his master, the robed man felt the same fear as always. It was a consuming fear, a fear that pounded inside his chest. Despite he had eternal life thanks to him, he knew all too well that it was entirely at the at the whim of the demon.

He knew that the fault did not lie entirely with him. SHE was to blame – her and that bloated ogre. They had not sent enough forces, though how could anyone have predicted that the Kirin Tor would have such powerful mercenaries? One of them, though – the girl. He had felt she was touched with a power almost as dark as that of his master. She had interested him.

“So, they have routed our forces and most likely have the amulet fragment by now.”

“My lord, if they had done their mission instead of… Butchering the men…”

“I had chosen you to make sure that it didn’t matter. You instead merely watched. Why?”

The man remained silent, the burning anger his of master as hot as an exploding fireball. Suddenly, he fell upon his face, clutching his head and screaming as his master metaphysically penetrated his skull.

“Ah. The girl. Interesting… So you feared her – ah, and not only that – lusted after her. Of course you would. You humans have such pathetic weaknesses. You could have destroyed them all.”

The pain suddenly relented, and the man gasped. He closed his eyes, knowing the price for failure.

“But perhaps your weakness will open another avenue for us. The girl interests me – no, not that way, fool. No, I have other ways to make use of her. Serve me well, and perhaps I shall let you have her for you own from time to time – but know this!” The white hot anger lashed the man and he screamed. “Fail me again, and I will show you I can take away life as easily as I give it.”

The master left, and the man was quaking in his robes. Shakily he stood and made his way through the cave to his bunk, lying down on it with a groan. Speaking with the master always pained him so, and yet – it was so very much worth serving him.

He vowed to serve his master, to show him he was more powerful than some orcish harlot and a stupid ogre. He would show him that humanity offered the most potent followers.

Thinking of the girl, the man fell into a nightmare-wracked sleep.

She featured predominantly in each one.

Dark Plans

The lights of Grand Hamlet could be seen twinkling in the distance from atop the great tower. A dark cloaked figure stood upon what was once a stair going up the side of a wall, and was now slowly crumbling away.

The figure turned and looked into the darkness behind him. Four dark green points of light glowed back at him.

“Did you get it?”

There was a thud as something heavy landed just outside of the doorway. The speaker knelt and picked it up, careful not to tear the pages with his gauntleted fingers as he briefly flicked through the tome.

“Excellent.” He then regarded his servants with his own burning red gaze. “The mayor matters little. He never did. But I am curious about these… Interlopers.” Turning to regard the lights of Grand Hamlet, he growled. “She is powerful. Too powerful. She must not be allowed to find what she seeks.”

He held out his hand and clenched his fist, engulfing the lights of the town. “Find the locations of her wardstones. We can do nothing until they have been toppled. Once this has been done, return to me. Now, go.”

His servants left, and the dark figure grit his teeth. “Soon, the town will be defenseless. Soon, our darkness shall spread across Stormwind again – and all will know my name and tremble!”

He laughed, the idea of bloodshed amusing him. “They will fear the name of Teron Gorefiend!”

The Dark Iron Conspiracy

…and those are the events that led up to the scene in the keep, which you yourself witnessed.

I have sent several agents to make contact with this ‘Thorium Brotherhood’.

In closing, I think we should keep an eye on this group. I believe we may be able to use them for the operation that the Old Maid is planning.


The Plot Thickens


I have confirmed several facts.

It is true that they were attacked by Dark Iron dwarves and brought the bodies back as proof. They were then sent to investigate the disappearance of Albus Snapthunder.

They did some business around the city, but the details of this are sketchy at best. I believe it is these events that decided the ultimate fate of Olivia Grimm(which you know of, so I will only cover it when the time comes).

They were told about the two covert groups that were attempting to start conflict. I have several more avenues of investigation I want to follow and confirm before compiling that information, however.


The Beginning


As per your request, I have been doing some digging as to how this all got started. I will be brief, as I still have much work to do. I feel it best to keep you apprised as I go with this investigation. We know how the group got together, so I won’t cover that.

The group stopped for the night after they set out and were attacked by kobolds, only one of them escaping. The morning after, they continued on and came to the ruined estate of ‘Devel’. I’m still working on finding out more about him.

They encountered several kobolds, seeming to be taking commands from a Dark Iron dwarf. After defeating the kobolds and incapacitating the dwarf, they freed the remains of the first patrol that was attacked. The soldiers took the Dark Iron back to Stormwind – you’ve read that report so I won’t repeat that here.

In the meantime, they found the man Devel hiding out in a crypt that was hidden in the trees and well trapped. It appears he had been hiding there for the entirety of the orcish occupation of Stormwind.

Regrettably, he was slain when he went with them to aid them against some more kobolds in another ruined manor. After they slew the target kobold – some kind of shaman – they returned to the Devel estate to both bury the man and rest for the night.

More details are forthcoming, sir. It’s a pity about Devel’s death, as I believe he might have been able to shed some more light on the situation and maybe even explain how events led to what they have.



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