Elwynn Forest Region

New Stormwind City
Layout is as per Cataclysm, without the Deathwing claws on the gate and the huge Varian statue. Obviously, the actual size of the city is increased.

A busy mining town half a day’s travel to Stormwind on foot. It is here that much of the ore from Elwynn’s rich mines is refined before being sent onwards to Stormwind. The town is walled and overseen by Marshal Dughan. The new inn, the Lion’s Pride, is known for its delicious fried potatoes.

Eastvale Logging Camp
A day and a half from Stormwind. The logging camp is the prime source of lumber for Stormwind. Overseer Gaffrey is in charge.

Northshire Abbey
Half a day from Stormwind. It is the home of the Brotherhood of Northshire, having been recently rebuilt. Marshal McBride is assigned to the area as military leader.

Grand Hamlet
Three days from Stormwind. Having recently being rebuilt, Grand Hamlet is under the authority of Lord Ello Ebonlocke. His daughter Althea is currently being pursued by two noblemen, Lord Robin Daris and Baron Rafe Dreuger.

Sunnyglade is three days travel from Stormwind. It is the process of being rebuilt. The noble knight, Sir Morgan Ladimore, is charged with making sure the rebuilding goes smoothly and is supported by his wife Lys and daughter Sarah.

Elwynn Forest Region

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