New Equipment


Unless mentioned otherwise, the materials have the same statistics as steel aside from the deviations mentioned.

Truesilver – DC 15 Knowledge (Geology)
This is exactly like normal silver, except that weapons crafted with it have no damage penalty and they are not fragile. The cost is triple that of regular silver.

Mithril – DC 15 Knowledge (Geology)
Fuctions like mithral.

Thorium DC 15 Knowledge (Geology)
Functions as adamantine.

Dark Iron DC 20 Knowledge (Geology)
Armor: Gives fire resistance and additional hardness. Light armor( + 2000gp) gives 2 FR and 5 extra hardness, Medium armor( + 5000gp) gives 3 FR and 10 extra hardness, Heavy armor( + 8000gp) gives 4 FR and 15 extra hardness.
Weapon: A dark iron weapon that has a magical enhancement bonus of at least +1 deals additional fire damage equal to the enhancement bonus. This is not multiplied on a critical hit. Increases cost by 4000gp.

Elementium DC 30 Knowledge (Geology)
An extremely heavy metal. It is so heavy that it cannot be used to create efficient armor. Weapons made of elementium are similar to Thorium. They bypass the first 30 points of hardness on an item and give the weapon an additional +2 bonus when performing the sunder combat maneuver. It increases the cost of the weapon by 5000gp. Weapons made with elementium have one half more hit points than one made of steel, and a hardness of 30.

Obsidian – DC 50 Knowledge (Geology)
A strange, alien and glass like substance. If it is not properly created, all weapons created with it are treated as fragile. Created properly, they are as effective as steel weapons. Obsidian bypasses all damage reduction possessed by necrophotic entities. This is extremely rare and thus has no price attached.

Cobalt – DC 50 Knowledge (Geology)
Cobalt is a blueish metal that seems to have an affinity with electricity. It does not make good armor or blades, but it works very well as spear and arrow heads. Any other kind of weapon made with cobalt has the fragile property. Cobalt weapons that have a +1 or greater bonus, or cobalt-headed arrows or bolts fired from a weapon with a +1 or greater bonus, deal 1 point of electricity damage equal to the enhancement bonus on the weapon. This is extremely rare and thus has no price attached.

Saronite – DC 50 Knowledge (Geology)
An extremely heavy and dangerous metal. It can only create weapons. It increases the hardness of a weapon by 50, doubles the hit points of the weapon and allows it to ignore the first 50 points of hardness on objects. It also gives a +4 bonus to the Sunder combat maneuver.

Being near to Saronite is dangerous for sentient beings. For every hour spent within 10 feet of any kind of Saronite, a DC 10 Will save must be made. The DC increases by 1 for every hour that is spent close to the Saronite. To avoid this effect, the creature must be out of its range for at least 30 minutes.

When the Will save fails, the creature has a -1 morale penalty to all attacks, combat manuevers, skill checks and saving throws for 24 hours. This increases by -1 for every Will save that is failed, to a maximum of 30. Only by spending 24 hours out of range of the Saronite does this effect fade.

If the total penalty reaches -10, it decreases no further, but every failed Will save first pushes the character’s alignment one step towards chaotic, and after that one step towards evil as frightful visions and gibbering fills their mind.

Fel Iron – Unknown on Azeroth
Bypasses all good DR and deals an additional point of damage to good aligned creatures equal to the enhancement bonus on the weapon.

Adamantite – Unknown on Azeroth
Can only be made as weapons. Functions like adamantine, however the weapon it is made of counts as piercing, slashing and bludgeoning for the purposes of bypassing DR regardless of the weapons type.

Felsteel – Unknown on Azeroth
Bypasses all good DR, and deals an additional 2d6 damage to good aligned characters.


One Handed Melee

Weapon Damage Crit Type Cost Class
Stormhammer 1d10 20×3 B 9,000gp Exotic
Storm Mallet 1d8 20×3 B 8,300gp Exotic

Two Handed Melee

Weapon Damage Crit Type Cost Class
Great Stormhammer 2d6 20×3 B 9,500gp Exotic
Battlehammer 2d6 20×3 B 50gp Martial

Stormhammer, Storm Mallet, Great Stormhammer
The Wildhammer dwarves are able to craft these magnificent hammers. They can be one or two handed. They are exotic weapons. A Stormhammer is one handed, Storm Mallet is one handed (light) and a Great Stormhammer is two handed. A character that is not proficient must use two hands to wield the Stormhammer and Storm Mallet, and cannot use the Great Stormhammer at all.

They are always at least +1 Shocking weapons. The only energy damage they can do is electricity. In addition, any kind of Stormhammer flies through the air back to the creature that threw it. It returns to the thrower just before the creature’s next turn (and is therefore ready to use again in that turn).

Catching a Stormhammer when it comes back is a free action. If the character can’t catch it, or if the character has moved since throwing it, the weapon drops to the ground in the square from which it was thrown.

These are not sold by the Wildhammers, and the secret of their creation is only given to trusted Wildhammer dwarves. Normally, Stormhammers are earned.


Guns are made with Craft (Technology).

Weapon Damage Crit Range Increment Type
SHTY Gun 1d6 20×3 50 P
Compact Shotgun 1d10 20×2 20 B
Fine Boomstick 1d8 20×3 80 P
Repeating Boomstick 1d8 20×3 60 P

When using any kind of gun there is a chance it will backfire. On a natural 1 there is a 50% chance it will backfire and deal its base damage to the wielder(Reflex save DC 15 for half).

Repeating Boomstick: A repeating boomstick is an exotic weapon that holds 20 rounds in a tube that sticks out sideways from the barrel near the trigger. It takes a move action to reload. A repeating boomstick allows a proficient user to use autofire.

Autofire affects an area and everyone in it, not a specific creature. The character targets a 10-foot-by-10-foot area and makes an attack roll; the targeted area has an effective Armor Class of 10. If the attack succeeds, every creature within the affected area take the full damage, though they may make a Reflex save DC 10 + the base attack bonus of the character firing at them(maximum DC 25) for half. Autofire shoots 10 bullets, and can only be used if the weapon has 10 bullets in it. Using autofire counts as a single attack in a full attack action.


All explosives do fire, sonic and slashing(from the shrapnel) damage within the radius. Anyone standing just outside the radius takes splash damage from the shrapnel alone. Dynamite only deals fire damage and has no shrapnel effect. It is created with the Craft (Technology) skill.

Explosives are notoriously unstable. If they are caught within fire damage such as that another bomb explosion or a fireball spell, each explosive caught within has a chance to detonate. It is a 50% chance for bombs and charges, and a 75% chance for dynamite. If one is loaded up with bombs and caught in a blast, there is a very real possibility of a catastrophic chain reaction.

In addition, if a character rolls a natural 1 when using explosives, it will go off instantly.

Type Radius Radius Damage Splash Damage
Coarse Dynamite 15 1
Copper Bomb 5 1d4+1 1
Bronze Bomb 5 1d6+1 1
Heavy Dynamite 20 1d6
Iron Bomb 10 1d8+1 1d4
Mithril Bomb 10 1d10+2 1d6
Solid Dynamite 25 1d8
Thorium Bomb 15 1d12+2 1d8
Dense Dynamite 30 1d10
Dark Iron Bomb 20 3d6+3 1d10
Seaforium Charge 50 10d6

Dark Iron Bomb
People caught in the radius of a Dark Iron Bomb must make a fortitude save DC 20 or be sickened by the fumes for 1 round. It is also particularly heavy, and whoever throws it has their range increment halved. Additionally, due to the special construction of these bombs, they are not at risk of exploding when exposed to an explosion.

Seaforium Charge
This explosive deals fire and sonic damage and ignores up to 20 points of hardness on structures only. This explosive must be set to explode. It can be set to explode within 1-5 rounds. It takes a move action to set the bomb.

It is a DC 15 Profession(Engineering) check to set a Seaforium Charge. Upon failure the DM rolls 1d3 secretly to determine when the bomb will go off. The person setting the bomb will not know if they have flubbed or not. Experienced users will get out of the blast radius as soon as possible, regardless of how skilled they are.

It is a DC 10 + level of character who initially set the charge to try and disarm the charge. On failure, it detonates prematurely.


Goggles are constructed by engineers with the Craft (Technology) skill. Goggles give a small bonus to all characters, but a skilled engineer can get much more use out of them. All goggles give a -1 penalty to all sight-based Perception checks unless the user has at least 4 ranks of Craft (Technology). They take up the head equipment slot. The greater a wearer’s Craft (Technology) skill, the more benefit they can get from goggles.

Like all engineering items, they have a chance to fail, sometimes horrendously.

Cost: 4000gp
Targeting goggles aid a character in hitting their foes. They gain a +1 bonus to hit. For every 6 ranks a character has in the Craft (Technology) skill, they gain an additional +1 bonus to hit. However they are not always accurate and the user will always miss on a natural 2. On a natural 1 they miss as normal, but have a 30% chance to deal the base damage of the weapon they are wielding to themselves. If the character has at least 8 ranks of Craft (Technology) then they no longer miss on a natural 2, but the chance of injuring themselves remains. When they have 12 ranks of Craft (Technology), they no longer have a chance to injure themselves.

All Seeing
Cost: 1500gp
These goggles give characters a +3 bonus to Perception skill checks. The bonus increases by +1 for every 5 ranks a character has in Craft (Technology). If the wearer has at least 4 ranks in Craft (Technology), they can utilize the goggles as a spyglass.

Clenching Gauntlets
Cost: 6000gp
Crafted with Craft (Technology) and require a regular pair of masterwork spiked gauntlets as a base. These spiked gauntlets give the users a +2 bonus to Strength. This is always a temporary bonus however. Three times per day, a wearer with at least 5 ranks in Craft (Technology) can activate the gauntlets as a swift action to increase the strength bonus to +6 for one round. Every time this is done, a burst of steam comes from them and deals 1d4 subdual damage to the wearer. In addition, there is a 10% chance that they will seize up when they are activated and for three rounds the wearer will lose the strength bonus and have a -2 penalty to all actions involving using their hands. Fine manipulation during this time is impossible.

Cost: 10,000gp
Crafted with Craft (Technology) and the user cannot get any benefit unless they have at least 8 ranks of Craft (Technology). The user’s base land speed increases by 10’(enhancement bonus) and four times per day the user can as a swift action increase their speed by 30’ for 2 rounds. Every time this is done, there is a 10% chance they will fail. Upon failure they will either take 2d10 damage and be launched 100 + 1d6*10 feet into the air (50% chance) or fall prone while taking 2d6 damage (50% chance).

New Equipment

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